Daily Routine Activities

A schedule for basic routines is flexible and individualized to meet each child’s needs (e.g. pre-school on individual’s schedules, tired toddlers can have early nap). Schedules provide a balance of indoor and outdoor activities. Active and quiet play varied to meet children’s needs. Staff adjust schedules of play activities throughout the day to meet varying needs of children.

Time Activities
7.00 AM DaycareOpens/ Free Play/Cereal with milk
8.45 AM Morning Snacks
9.00 AM Circle Time/Craft
10.00 AM Free Play/Outside
11.30 AM Lunch Time
12.00 PM ToothBrush/Toilet
12.30 PM Nap Time
2.30 PM Wake up time/free play activity
3.00 PM Afternoon Snacks
3.45 PM Outside/Free Play
6.00 PM Daycare closes