Our Programs

Our program encourages all aspects of your child’s development. We provide activities and experiences that promote independence, self-help skills, confidence and individuality. We also promote kindergarten readiness and various learning concepts as the children show interest. Our rooms are well equipped and arranged in various learning centres. The children are free to move from area to area, choosing the activities in which they wish to participate.

Infants 12 months – 18 months

We know the significance of the quantity of children a teacher can deal with appropriate consideration. Our Infant Program acknowledges children from the early age of 12 months to year and a half. We have planned our program to establish a warm and get climate for babies as an augmentation of their home. Our teachers work as a team with guardians to guarantee consistency with the baby's every day plan; including rest times, play times and taking care of times among home and our middle.

The atmosphere assists newborn children with fostering a feeling of trust that energizes interest and propels learning. An assortment of toys, games, soft toys, pull and push hardware and music is accessible as babies handle groundbreaking thoughts, find language, slither and walk, all while developing into minimal autonomous individuals.
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Toddlers 19 months – 3 years

The ratio of our toddlers room is one instructor for six children, with a limit of 12 kids and three teachers for the room. In our baby program, every kid's singular necessities are met by adaptable planning, including organized indoor and outside exercises.

Our program works with exercises that cultivate the development of self improvement abilities, language advancement, social mindfulness and positive, non-forceful critical thinking abilities in every child. Our study halls give a cooperative climate, where the instructors cooperate in arranging every day exercises to meet the formative objectives of the kids.
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Preschool 3 years – 5.5 years

This program offers the proportion of one instructor for each eight kids, with a limit of 24 children and three teachers or 16 kids and two teachers. We accept kids should be in little gatherings with an essential guardian, where they can construct confiding seeing someone to have a real sense of safety enough to investigate their general surroundings. Every kid is esteemed as an individual and is supported at the earliest age to turn into a capable, free, useful, critical thinking individual.

Our teachers support various types of play and exercises intended to improve and concentrate a wide scope of your children abilities, including development, pretend, gross engine, critical thinking, finding, imparting, making, envisioning, perusing, composing, numbers, space and estimation.
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Out of school care grade 1 & above

We energize all kids in this program to take an interest in both enormous and little gathering exercises. These incorporate sensational play, expressions and specialties, tangible encounters, little and enormous engine exercises, open air play and exceptional field trips.

Our teachers endeavor to give an educational program that spotlights on the children whole turn of events, and assist with setting them up for passage into the childcare framework. The instructors cooperate to work with programming that is instructive, tomfoolery and keeps the kids' advantages locked in. Example plans are accessible for guardians to survey on announcement sheets in each class.
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